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Be Creative,
Be Passionate,
Be Di Carlo

At Di Carlo Salon & Barbershop, we pride ourselves on having the best, most well-trained, customer-focused staff in the industry. To be considered to join the team, an applicant must demonstrate the following traits: creativity; exceptional skills (cut and color techniques); a friendly, upbeat personality; dedication to customers; and ability to follow processes that lead to success. The Stylist/Barber’s daily activities include: providing basic (men’s & women’s cut/color) and specialty services (waxing, make-up, styling); customer service, including effectively communicating the benefits of our products, services & add-on services to the client; up-selling and cross-selling add-on services; working as part of a team; training hard to be the best; and following our proven processes to ensure the client keeps coming back.


The Front Desk Coordinator is the heart and soul of the salon. The Front Desk Coordinator keeps the salon organized and running on time. This position requires more than just answering phones it demands a person that is exceptionally organized and efficient, able to follow processes and work in a team environment.


Core values are a road map to successful sustainability of key attributes that drive success at all levels of the salon.
These values coincide with our Salon Mission, Salon Vision and Stylist Mission Statements. It’s up to management to emphasize and coach these values every day to drive staff buy-in and achieve desired results.

Customer Experience
The customer is at the core of everything we do. We sell a service/experience, not a haircut/color. We Consult, Educate, and Execute Processes to deliver a market leading service experience to our customers that creates passionate, loyal fans and keeps them coming back.

Our culture demands communication at all levels of the salon. We don’t complain; we look for ways to improve and we act to drive change. We take personal responsibility for our workplace environment because, “We have the power to create our ideal workplace.”

Cross Sell
We understand that cross selling services is at the core of what we do. Cross selling not only drives revenue and compensation, it ensures our customers are offered the full range of our services to enhance their experience and keep them coming back.

We train tirelessly to be the best, for ourselves and for our valued clients. We continually practice our services and study retail products and benefits to effectively communicate this knowledge to our clients in order to enhance and maximize their salon experience.

Promote Key Processes
We understand that our value doesn’t end with the service. We promote key processes to our customers to ensure they understand the greater value that we offer. We follow these processes to ensure client satisfaction, communicate value, eliminate attrition, beat the competition, create devoted fans and attract new customers:

  • 5-Step Customer Experience
  • Cross Sell Process
  • Loyalty Program
  • Complimentary Bang Trim between Services
  • Complimentary 14-Day Clean Up for men
  • Men’s and Women’s Package Guarantee policies
At Di Carlo Salon & Barbershop, we tirelessly pursue our goal of becoming Milwaukee’s premiere salon/barbershop hybrid, servicing women and men alike. We will focus on providing market leading customer service by developing the best-trained staff in the industry and by promoting and executing our core values and processes that deliver an unbeatable customer experience, at prices that make high-end hair services affordable on any budget.


At Di Carlo Salon & Barbershop, our mission is to provide a fully immersive, customizable salon experience that goes far beyond a simple haircut. Offering an extensive and affordable range of packages, services, and add-ons paired with products from high-end brands, we’re committed to being the key destination for all your salon and barbershop needs.

We believe and follow our core values and processes to ensure the customer has a consistent, quality service that is unrivaled. Our core processes and values ensure the client is offered every service available to help them look their best, delivered by the greatest, most highly trained and customer-oriented staff in the industry. We pride ourselves on the value we deliver to every client by offering our exclusive “14-Day Clean Up,” “Complimentary Bang Trim,” “Loyalty Program,” and our “Men’s and Women’s Package Guarantee” policies. We strive to make every visit better than the last and we work hard to get the customer in and out, on time and looking their best.

We believe that a great business is about more than just the bottom line. It’s about providing great service at great prices, and empowering people to live a better life. We foster an environment of self-confidence and self-esteem for our customers as well as our staff, founded on the principle that personal appearance is a reflection of—and a doorway to—self-empowerment. That’s what makes us more than just a cut above, and why we continue to earn lifelong customers.